About Fenomilano Company

FENOMILANO, the Greek brand based in Thessaloniki. Our main area of activity is Men’s Leather Shoes, providing creative products, with unique style and innovative design. With a presence in the fashion and quality clothing/apparel industry for over 30 years, we launched our first collection of Men’s Leather Shoes on 2013. After numerous travels around the world with a focus on Italy, taking inspiration from various trends in global men’s and women’s fashion with revolutionary ideas and participation in exhibitions representing the Art of Shoes, Fenomilano Company releases its first shoe collection, paving the way for a long and remarkable journey in the field of Fashion and Footwear. With our main objective being the production of leather/particular and quality footwear, as well as other related products, we supply specific stores in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans.

The company Fenomilano starts slowly and steadily in the Greek market with dedication to the style, quality and specificity that it wants to characterize. After the strong response of the people and the partner stores where our products are supplied, it is growing with tremendous growth in Greece/Cyprus and the Balkans.

Each shoe has many different finishes and construction techniques depending on the type of shoe, so we can satisfy even the most demanding customer. Fenomilano uses genuine leather as raw material for the production.


Antigonidwn 17,
Thessaloniki, 546 30

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